Cooling: Self-Chilled Cans 'Can' You Chill? Self-Chilled is the Major Trend in Beverage Packaging!

Author / Editor: Sherjin Joel / Dominik Stephan

Self-Chilled Beverage Cans – Future of the Beverage Market? – Metal cans have not taken giant leaps in terms of improving the package functionality over the past two decades, with the can looking and doing more or less the same. Nevertheless, a breakthrough came in the form of the ‘Self Chilled Beverage Can’ in 2012, launched by Joseph Company, a privately owned beverage company in the United States of America. ‘Chill Can’ as it is called, can rapidly cool the contents by 300oCC in less than three minutes.

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80 per cent of the $46 billion metal cans market is attributed to beverages.
80 per cent of the $46 billion metal cans market is attributed to beverages.

Beverages are one of the most competitive markets in terms of packaging and visual appeal. The influence of visual merchandise on the purchase decision is very high, which only adds to the criticality of packaging. Most of the brand owners and metal can convertors alike, have been constantly trying to push the limits of innovations beyond the purview of printing and down gauging.

Some of the successful product changes are around the can ends facilitating smooth pour, graphic and printing capabilities to make customized cans, etc. However, these were not enough to catapult a brand by positioning itself through a packaging that can functionally stand apart from the competition in a store shelf.

How Does the Microcool Technology Work?

Self-chilled can, synonymous to the name, is a path breaking innovation by Joseph Company. It eliminates the need for refrigeration, and brings down the temperature of the beverage contained in the can by about 300oC, within three minutes. This is just by the push of a button. The new beverage can employs the award winning (Stratosphere Ozone Protection Award) ‘Microcool’ technology that uses atmospheric carbon dioxide to provide this cooling effect, whilst at the same time not adding to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

West Coast Chill, is the first company to ‘mass market’ this product in the USA for its energy drinks, and has been receiving wide acclaim, with a convenient price positioning.

‘Chill Can’ packages the combination of the much needed functional advantage and also energy and carbon foot print savings, especially in the retailer phase of the supply chain. Will this give metal cans a much needed torque for the challenging terrain ahead? Read more on page 2...