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Can Food Explode? – Explosion Protection for Muesli Bars

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Beware of Imitations

When asked what Rembe is doing to combat industrial espionage, Explosion Protection Specialist, Rembe, Roland Bunse states, “The Q-Rohr patent has expired, so that quite a few product pirates are now feeling encouraged to flood the market with cheap imitations. Also, there are attempts to misuse similar products with a different performance spectrum for the same purpose. “It’s as if,” jokes Bunse, “you tried to fight a forest fire with a fire extinguisher. Obviously, it helps a bit, but you still can’t save the forest!” Such products are a lot cheaper than the Q-Rohr-3, but they’re not really effective.

“The way to ensure efficient explosion protection in the future is not through cheap and simple products, but through analytical problems solutions,” avers Bunse, thus indicating that REMBE will continue to use its experience—almost 40 years by now—to maintain its position on the international market. This is because the company’s solutions involve safety engineering for the benefit of the people.

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* First published in PROCESS India