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Can Food Explode? – Explosion Protection for Muesli Bars

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This continues to benefit Rembe’s customers such as Nestlé, as they can be served promptly and easily. “While others were opting for empty warehouses and staff redundancies, we decided to move ahead full steam, increasing all our stocks. You may well be asking whether that wasn’t a bit daring. But wouldn’t it also be rather daring to abandon your workforce and your business partners?” declares Penno.

In the case of Nestlé, the importance of two vital factors can be seen: availability and stability. To achieve this, the operation of a pilot plant also requires speed. If, for instance, a new mixture is being run for a muesli bar, and a bursting disc accidentally becomes damaged in the Q-Rohr-3 system, then it can be replaced within an hour. Nemes praises the first-class service of Paliwoda. Felix Paliwoda has been a Rembe partner in Switzerland for over 30 years, “We are provided with spare parts on demand and without any red tape,” exclaims Nemes.

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Explosion Protection for Muesli Bars

By providing this service and ensuring the availability of facilities, Rembe saves its customers several thousand Euros per day. But the Q-Rohr-3 passive protection system also has further benefits. There is no need to waste valuable space on overflows or valuable time on servicing. Nemes is clearly aware of the benefits of the Q-Rohr and knows how to make the most of them: “All that’s needed is an annual visual inspection, looking at the system from outside. The rest is handled by the Q-Rohr-3 monitoring unit which provides ongoing feedback to the process control system.”

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This, in turn, saves unnecessary downtime, making Nestlé faster than its competitors in the development of new products. The Q-Rohr-3 system incurs no running costs and is therefore far more costeffective than active extinguishing systems. Nemes confirms that the investment did indeed break even within a matter of weeks.

Safe and Attractive

Rembe even added a pleasant design to the facilities in Orbe. At the big storage silo, directly next to the outside wall of the production hall, Rembe painted five explosion relief panels of the type Rembe EDP in special dark gold. As a result, the façade has lost none of its attractiveness, and the entire plant gives a good impression of being professional and of a high quality.