Simultion for API Production

Boost Your API Production with Numerical Simulation – From Batch to Continous Processing

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Optimate (a module in Star-CCM+ using Red Cedar Technology’s Heeds software) is an example of a tool that enables intelligent design exploration to easily consider “what if” scenarios and identify the critical manufacturing points that define quality. For example, feeding devices for continuous manufacturing influence all downstream operations and design exploration of parameters such as feed rate will help identify their impact on final blend uniformity.

Simulating the System – Using Numerical Tools

Solving complex real-world problems demands an accurate, easy-to-use, multi-disciplinary approach to simulating complete systems. CFD-focused multi-physics engineering simulation tools can accurately deliver full spectrum engineering results and the pharmaceutical industry should fully leverage these tools in support of the development of continuous manufacturing processes.


Up until now, integration of numerical simulations in a production environment has required a great deal of specialized knowledge, but this is no longer a showstopper. Automation and ease-of-use are enabling the deployment of CFD for complex multi-physics applications. For example, Star-CCM+ offers state-of-the–art meshing, seamless integration with CAD and easy modeling of complex moving parts, all in a single integrated environment. The net result is more time for an engineer to analyze data instead of preparing and setting up the simulations, resulting in engineering success.

A Multi Physics Approach for Continous Manufacturing

Seeing the “big picture” for continuous manufacturing will require a multi-physics approach to solving problems. Be it mixing, coating or drying, multi-phase flows lie at the core of the pharmaceutical processing industry. Capabilities such as Discrete Element Modeling (DEM), a numerical method for computing the interaction of a large number of small particles, and Eulerian Multiphase Modeling (EMP), a numerical method for simulating several phases in a system, will be invaluable for implementing continuous manufacturing of APIs. Two case studies simulated with Star-CCM+ are presented next to demonstrate these capabilities.