Bilfinger Rebranding Bilfinger's Largest Business Segment With New Appearance and Structure

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

At the turn of the year, the Bilfinger Group's largest business segment, now briefly and succinctly known as Bilfinger Industrial, implements two major changes.

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Bilfinger Group's largest business segment with new appearance and new structure
Bilfinger Group's largest business segment with new appearance and new structure
(Bild: Bilfinger)

Munich, Frankfurt/Germany – Effective January 1, 2013, the segment has been organizationally restructured. The two Subgroups Bilfinger Industrial Services with its headquarters in Munich and Bilfinger Industrial Technologies headquartered in Frankfurt will in future jointly represent the segment. In addition, the gradual implementation of the Group's new brand identity with new company names will begin. This means that the commonly used abbreviation "BIS" will be replaced by "Bilfinger" in the names of companies in the Subgroups.

In the Industrial business segment, the Bilfinger Group anticipates an output volume of approximately €3.6 billion in financial year 2012 with about 38,000 employees. The Industrial business segment is thus by far the Group's largest business segment. About 80 operating companies provide services for clients in 33 countries. These services range from consultancy and engineering (including project management) through to fabrication and assembly as well as solutions for comprehensive maintenance concepts and demanding projects. Bilfinger Industrial is thus a leading global provider with a focus on the process industry and energy sector as well as further selected industrial segments.

Tebodin will be integrated in Bilfinger Industrial Technologies

The newly-established Subgroup Bilfinger Industrial Technologies will also integrate the companies of consulting and engineering specialists Tebodin which is headquartered in the Netherlands. With about 8,000 employees, 4,000 of whom are engineers, the new Subgroup contributes an output volume of more than €900 million to the business segment. Competences are in engineering as well as in fabrication and construction.

The Bilfinger Industrial Services Subgroup with about 30,000 employees and a €2.7 billion share of total volume is home to key competences in maintenance, conversion and expansion of industrial plants as well as areas such as plant shutdowns and other projects depending on the respective regional focus of the Subgroups.

Bilfinger management after the change

Head of Executive Board and CEO of Bilfinger Industrial Technologies GmbH is Gerhard Schmidt. Dagmar Rehm serves as Chief Financial Officer. Pieter Koolen is COO and responsible for the Division Engineering, Dr. Joachim Kreysing is also COO and responsible for the Division Technology. At Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH, Dr. Michael Herbermann continues in his position as Head of Executive Management and CEO. Those remaining in their functions include Matti Jäkel, CFO, Dr. Rudolf K. Jürcke, COO and responsible for the divisions Eastern Europe and Northern Europe as well as Middle East and Asia, and Jean-Pierre Pasquereau, responsible for the divisions Western Europe and North America. Gerald Pilotto, COO, is a new member of the Executive Management with responsibility for the division Central Europe.

The renamings are a result of the transformation of the Bilfinger Group from a construction company to an international engineering and services group. Group companies thus more clearly appear in the public eye as a part of the Bilfinger Group than was the case in the past.