Plant Engineering Bilfinger Industrial Services and Borealis Renew Partnership

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Bilfinger's asset management and engineering subsidiary Bilfinger Industrial Services will remain the maintenance partner for Borealis' Stenungsund site. Both comapynies agreed on renewing their partnership contract, under wich BIS provides maintenace and full-service partnership for further three and a half years...

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Bilfinger specialist at work - the comapny recently renewed its contract with Borealis...
Bilfinger specialist at work - the comapny recently renewed its contract with Borealis...
(Picture: PROCESS)

Stenungsund/Sweden – “As a contractor, we are closely intermeshed with Borealis’ structures thanks to the integrated award of contracts and the partnership principle. In this way, the joint teams work together to optimum effect, thus providing Borealis with substantial added value”, stated Gerald Pilotto, a member of Bilfinger Industrial Services’ Executive Board.

The agreement includes ongoing maintenance work and modifications including engineering services in the field of E/I&C and mechanics. The contract is valued at over EUR 80 million and will be continuing until the end of 2016, Bilfinger stated.

Partnership for Plants in Five Countries

After the renewal of this partnership that started in 2005, Bilfinger plans to send some 220 plant specialists to Sweden. The annual revenues from this contract are currently around an average of € 70 million, company officials say. It works at nearly all Borealis sites, including Schwechat and Linz in Austria, Wittenberg and Burghausen in Germany, Kallo in Belgium and Porvoo in Finland alongside the Swedish facility in Stenungsund. All the turnarounds required by Borealis at its facilities are executed by Bilfinger Industrial Services companies. Thus, a turnaround in which a total of 1,200 contractor employees are involved is currently ongoing at the fertiliser production facility in Linz, Austria.

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