Ammonium Sulfate Crystallizer BASF’s Freeport site to install new Ammonium Sulfate Crystallizer System

Editor: Marcel Dröttboom

Officials at BASF’s Freeport, Texas, site announced that the site will soon begin construction of a new, 160,000 ton per year ammonium sulfate crystallizer system at its caprolactam plant. This is a joint project with American Plant Food Corporation, Galena, Texas, a customer of BASF.

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Freeport (TX), USA – Once completed, the crystallizer will refine high-quality ammonium sulfate, a by-product of the caprolactam manufacturing process and a key component in plant fertilizer sold by American Plant Food. Construction of the crystallizer system is expected to take six months to complete and will cost about USD 8 million. The project will employ 20 construction personnel and will create 30 jobs off-site for local companies.

“This provides BASF and American Plant Food with a unique opportunity to gain significant benefits for both parties,” said Chris Witte, Senior Vice President and General Manager of BASF’s Freeport site. “It is an excellent example of finding innovative uses for by-products and reducing waste in our manufacturing processes – as well as helping our customers succeed.”

“We are excited that BASF sees the value in this project and is able to work with us to make our vision a reality,” said Don Ford, President, CEO and Chairman for American Plant Food Corporation. “With our earlier crystallizer project being such a success, we look forward to what we will both be able to achieve with the new one.”