Top 10 Chemical Companies BASF the Undisputed Leader in the TOP 10 Chemical Company Rankings

Author / Editor: Matthias Back / Dipl.-Medienwirt (FH) Matthias Back

The leading chemical companies in the world come from Germany and the US: BASF with a turnover of 73.5 billion euros in 2011 was well ahead of US-based Dow Chemical which had a turnover of 46.28 billion euros. Nevertheless, BASF only came 71st in Fortune magazine’s rankings of the world's major corporations. Currently, no company from the emerging economies of India, China or Brazil made it intoi the Top-10---

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The margin separating 3rd, 4th and 5th in the rankings was much narrower. LyondellBasell Industries from the Netherlands, which achieved a turnover of 39.38 billion euros, was ranked 3rd, just edging out SABIC of Saudi Arabia which reported a turnover of 39.08 billion euros. Bayer was 5th at 36.53 billion euros.

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Annual turnover of around 30 billion euros earned US-based DuPont top spot in the second half of the Top 10 table, followed at a safe distance by LG Chem of South Korea (16 billion euros), the French chemical maker Air Liquide (14.5 billion euros) and Linde (13.8 billion euros). The final place in the Top Ten went to Shin-Etsu Chemical of Japan which reported a turnover of 10.6 billion euros.

Top Ten Not in the Fortune Global 500

Interestingly enough, only the top four chemical makers made it into the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s biggest corporations. Besides BASF in 71st place, Dow Chemical, LyondellBassel Industries and SABIC were ranked 152th, 207th and 210th respectively. Wal-Mart of the US remained the undisputed leader with a turnover of 325 billion euros in 2011. The rankings are published once a year by the US business magazine Fortune.

In terms of earnings, two German companies made it into the Top 3. It comes as no surprise that BASF, with reported earnings of 6.19 billion euros, was ranked first. The margin separating BASF from second-place SABIC, which reported earnings of 6.02 billion euros, was significantly narrower than was the case with turnover. Linde with earnings of 3.2 billion was ranked 3rd.

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