Canada's Chemical Industry

An Overview of the Canadian Chemical Industry

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Related Companies

Amongst other atributes, interdependence within the Canadian industry is something that we can learn from. GreenField Specialty Alcohols manufactures cornbased bulk industrial alcohol, packaged alcohol and fuel ethanol. The company sells co-products that are derived out of the alcohol production process, including dried distillers grains with solubles, wet distillers grains, corn oil and CO2. The CO2 is sold to an adjacent greenhouse that produces tomatoes. In other words, the company’s process starts with agricultural produce and ends at the same juncture.

Additionally, the industry has a couple of alliances that help the community achieve excellence in all aspects. The Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership is one such association, which was formed to provide strategic leadership and support to community-based economic development in Sarnia and the Lambton County. The association follows the publicprivate partnership and offers numerous services such as site identification, facilitating develop-ment approvals, resolving technical and logistical issues, providing market information, etc.


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Noteworthy Alliances

Further-more, it helps the industry in identifying appropriate government programs and assists them in taking advantage of the same. Such alliances can also be seen in the health and safety segments.

Injury Prevention through Partnership is formed with the aim to create an injury-free workplace in the County. It also offers services such as records management system and safety management assessment.

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