Canada's Chemical Industry

An Overview of the Canadian Chemical Industry

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The park is also supplied with an industrial steam and ‘behind-the-fence’ electricity by the neighboring TransAlta Cogeneration facility that provides synergies and lowers capex for its tenants. Likewise, TransAlta’s Bluewater Energy Park also offers similar infrastructure facilities and sites for plants.

Lets go Underground!

While we speak of chemical and petrochemical plants, the mention of oil and gas is a must. The biggest advantage for these plants in the Sarnia region is its close proximity to the Utica and Marcellus basins in the United States. That’s not the only advantage. Union Gas’s underground natural gas storage facility located at Dawn, near Sarnia, stores and transmits the natural gas as per the customers’ requirements.


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The gas is transmitted through existing underground pipelines. This facility consists of 23 inter-connected storage pools that provide a working storage capacity of approximately 157 billion cubic feet.

Research & Development

Another area of emphasis for the industries in Ontario is research and development. While taking a walk around the Western-Sarnia- Lambton Research Park campus, a joint initiative of the County of Lambton, the City of Sarnia, and Western University, I realized the importance of its infrastructure.

The campus enables companies to rent labs and acts as a link between concepts and commercialization. Also, as multiple companies and colleges undertake research projects here, it helps them to create a platform to exchange ideas, which boosts the process of research and development. The Western-Sarnia-Lambton Research Park is home to the Bowman Centre for Technology Commercialization, Canada’s largest clean-tech incubator, focused on large scale industrial biotechnology.