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An Open Ear for new Ideas: Meet the Innovation Champions 2015!

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This elastomer innovation is a FKM sealing material compliant with DIN EN 14141 — something that industry insiders have demanded for a long time, said the juror. Due to its extreme resistance to deep and deepest temperatures, the new seal can help reduce leakage at low temperatures and extend maintenance intervals also for new areas of application.

After all the materials, systems and simulation solutions, the category of “Laboratory and Analytical Techniques” provided a look into the micro-world: Here, particularly innovations concerning Raman spectroscopy were prominently placed on the shortlist. This material testing technique has become an important pillar of analytics over the past few years. However, the required laser setting can be a problem for inexperienced users. Now Witec has addressed this problem and introduced Apyron, a Raman imaging microscope, which beginners and experts alike can safely use.

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Mills, sieves and separators were highlighted among the mechanical processes...

Mechanical Processes at Achema 2015
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Nerve Center for Modules

Networked systems, mobile solutions, and modular plants: These visions should make the process industry grow together into a flexible, convincing and efficient organism. But without the necessary nerve center, none of this concepts can come to life. Interfaces and automation solutions are required when process skids communicate with existing measurement and control concepts or mobile field devices exchange data with system modules. So far, such efforts have largely remained proprietary isolated solutions — until the Namur (User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries) in its recommendation 148 “Automation Requirements relating to Modularization of Process Plants” clearly spoke out in favor of a uniform control and interface concept.

...thermal processes...

Thermal Processes at Achema 2015
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...pharma and food experts were interested in dosing and packaging solutions...

Pharma, Packaging and Storage Solutions at Achema 2015
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The Enabler Technology for Modularisation?

Now the automation experts from Wago have addressed the issue with the Dima concept, introducing a completely new process automation structure, which could become a key enabler for modular production and comprehensively fulfills the long-standing demands of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Due to its practical implementation of the Namur recommendations, Dima might well act as a major enabler for modular plants, said juror Dr. Jörg Kempf. By separating control from module level, the concept breaks up the classic automation pyramid, which might be the solution for modular production — but is in any case an excellent platform for further development and a worthy award- winner in the category of “Process Automation and Instrumentation/Control”.

...and our Achema TV team was on air for you!

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