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An Open Ear for new Ideas: Meet the Innovation Champions 2015!

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Another award-winner could impact pharmaceutical production the virtual way: Novasep’s Bio SC Predict is a simulation software for the development of continuous chromatography processes in the purification of biopharmaceutical substances. Compared with batch chromatography, continuous chromatography has several advantages: It saves material, time and cost, is more efficient, the process is more robust and it allows the use of process analysis technology.

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However, the development of such processes is often expensive, as juror Anke Geipel Kern explains: “We find Bio SC Predict highly innovative and economically significant, as it has the potential to shorten development times in biopharmaceutics, thus facilitating faster time to market for drugs and creating genuine added value for pharmaceutical companies.”

There was one more award-winner from the field of pharmaceutical production: The Induction Integrity Verification System is an inspection system testing foil sealed medication vials for leakage. This product from Israeli manufacturer DIR-Technologies employs a non-invasive test with infrared light and allows for a quick and clean 100 % control of drug filling and packaging.

A Touch of Exoticism

“Engineering and Plant Apparatuses — there is hardly another category of our Innovation Award that combines more diverse product innovations”, said juror Dominik Stephan in his introduction of a category, where all sorts of developments, from actuators to heat exchangers fought for the innovation award.

Finally, the award went to a new distillation plant, which in the jury’s opinion was a perfect embodiment of the spirit of this award with its innovative concept and thoughtful implementation: The Fischer Autodest 800 AC/HV from Iludest for crude oil fractionation on a lab scale. With its newly developed distillation column, this system not only considerably expands the possible fields of application, but also allows performing in one single step an analyses which thus far required two standard procedures and a follow-up test.

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A touch of exoticism graced the presentation of the award in the category of “Seals, Valves and Fittings”. Not only did juror Rong Zang (Editor-in-Chief of PROCESS China) stress the importance of the issue for China, the winner can also be called exotic in this category dominated by shut-off valves and the like: The FKM seal material VI 840 by C. Otto Gehrckens, a novel material, was able to win the coveted trophy.