Sustainable Innovations Akzo Nobel Partners with Veolia to Launch Recycled Paint

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Akzo Nobel has introduced recycled paints under its brand ‘Dulux Trade’. The Evolve matt emulsion includes 35 % recycled paint and with this, the company has become the first leading manufacturer to develop such sustainability innovations.

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With the introduction of the new paint, Akzo Nobel aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its product range and help customers reach their sustainability goals.
With the introduction of the new paint, Akzo Nobel aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its product range and help customers reach their sustainability goals.
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The Netherlands – Developed by Akzo Nobel’s Dulux Trade brand, the revolutionary Evolve matt emulsion is made from the waste of other people’s paint tins in a bid to reduce the amount that goes to landfill. Once any leftover white paint has been reclaimed, it is sorted, filtered and refined by Veolia. It’s then re-engineered with new paint by Akzo Nobel and tested extensively to ensure that every tin meets the high standards expected from Dulux Trade. The final product contains 35 % recycled paint.

“We’re always looking for new ways to drive sustainable innovation, cut down on waste and create a circular economy for paint – while offering our customers fresh solutions that don’t compromise on quality,” says Akzo Nobel’s Chief Operating Officer, Ruud Joosten. “By introducing Evolve, we will reduce the carbon footprint of our Dulux Trade products, and help our customers reach their own sustainability goals.”

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Adds Rinske van Heiningen, Akzo Nobel’s Director of Sustainability: “Sustainability is at the heart of our business. That’s why we focus on developing products and technologies with the biggest positive impact. We’re also well aware that people expect more than just a product from a brand, so we’re always striving to deliver the most sustainable – and meaningful – solutions.”

Evolve was created after years of investment, hard work and commitment to improving the company’s sustainable offering. A particular achievement was reducing the carbon footprint of each liter of Evolve paint produced by more than 10 % (compared with standard vinyl matt).

The product underwent rigorous testing by research and development experts and was blind tested by decorators and painting contractors. A number of small scale trials were also conducted.

Continued Joosten: “The launch of this new paint is just the latest step on a journey Akzo Nobel is taking towards meeting its sustainability targets and helping to close the loop on paint waste. It’s another example of how we’re setting the pace as the leader in sustainability in the paints and coatings industry.”

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