Germany/The Netherlands: Biodegradable Chelates Akzo Nobel and Inoes Sign Co-Operation Agreement

Editor: Alexander Stark

Akzo Nobel Specialty Chemicals and Ineos Nitriles have signed a long-term co-operation agreement that will allow Akzo Nobel to expand its production of biodegradable chelates, used in detergents and other industries, utilizing one of Ineos Nitriles' chemical products.

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Akzo Nobel will invest in production facilities at Ineos' site at Cologne, Germany
Akzo Nobel will invest in production facilities at Ineos' site at Cologne, Germany
(Source: Akzo Nobel)

Amsterdam/The Netherlands and Cologne/Germany — The Dutch speciality chemicals company will invest in production facilities at the German partner's site at Cologne, Germany. The latter is the world's largest producer of acrylonitrile, a key chemical building block used ultimately in the automotive, home appliance, garment, carbon fiber and water purification industries. With this partnership, Akzo Nobel Specialty Chemicals intends to expand its chelates production in Europe. Construction of the new facilities at Cologne will start later this year and completion is due in 2020; Ineos will operate these new plants.

Demand for high-quality chelates has been increasing strongly in the last couple of years and in particular following the European ban on phosphates in consumer automatic dishwasher detergents due to environmental concerns, explained Peter Kuijpers, General Manager Chelates and Micronutrients at Akzo Nobel Specialty Chemicals. The sustainability profile of the chelates business would improve by making use of a raw material with a lower carbon footprint, by switching heat and electricity to more environmentally friendly energy sources or renewable electricity, and by decreasing the transport distance of our products, he said.

The announcement builds on the existing supply relationship at the German company's Lima, US facility. According to Gordon Adams, Business Director of Ineos Nitriles, the agreement continues the strategy of attracting petrochemical integration opportunities to the Cologne site and their chemicals would enable a significant industry sustainability improvement.

Werner Fuhrmann, CEO of Akzo Nobel Specialty Chemicals added that this announcement reflected three key aspects of their strategy — investing to grow with our customers, working closely in partnerships and improving our sustainability profile.

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