Explosion Protection

Ahoy Ex-Zones! Explosion Protection Equipments Sets Sails for Hazardous Waters

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The diving deck below the quarterdeck, where the dinghy is also located, is illuminated safely without glare by two 6W LED lights. For uniform illumination of the work area on the foredeck, two 6W machine lamps are provided, mounted above the equipment compartment.

For illumination of work areas on the fore and aft deck for the two foam-/water-cannon and the three loading cranes, Explosion-proof LPL LED spotlights with 150W power rating are installed. These powerful spotlights are highly protected to IP66, have a light output equivalent to that of a 250W high-pressure discharge lamp, and can also be used at ambient temperatures from -35°C to +40°C. The lights are approved for use in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas and so at all times, even when an explosive atmosphere is present, are able to safely illuminate the work areas for the fire crews.

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The boat’s innovative design concept has already proved itself in operation and will be replicated in future fire fighting boat projects. In the summer 2103, the boat passed its practical tests with flying colours during a major fire of a big riverside warehouse in Ludwigshafen.