Explosion Protection

Ahoy Ex-Zones! Explosion Protection Equipments Sets Sails for Hazardous Waters

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The electrical equipment consists of two CEAG wall sockets/outlets, which are located on external areas of the boat. These enable the flexible connection of explosion-protected electrical equipment such as pumps and searchlights. Lighting of the equipment compartment in the lock area comprises of two CEAG 2x58W, Zone 1 fluorescent light fittings, which are controlled by two explosion-proof changeover switches.

Outdoor Lighting

The requirements for explosion-proof lighting in outdoor areas are governed by European ATEX standards for Zone 1 and by the requirements for use on a watercraft. Therefore, all lighting must be protected to at least IP65, in order to withstand the constant exposure to moisture and splash water. In addition, the lighting needs to be robust and insensitive to shock and vibration that occur when the boat is operating.

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LED-driven lighting is particularly suitable for such harsh conditions, as they are shock-resistant and, unlike incandescent or high-pressure discharge lamps, LED lights have no filament or glass bulb. Other advantages of this innovative LED lighting technology are its high light output (lumen) but low energy consumption, as well as its direct switch-on capability without requiring a start-up/warm-up phase.

LED Technology for Extra Safety

For the illumination of walkways and firewater port batteries on the boat, tubular explosion-proof LED machine lamps are provided. Approved for use in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas, and protected to temperature class T5 and IP68, these lamps are ideally suited for this type of harsh application. In addition, the lamps have a very compact enclosure that can be installed even in the most confined spaces. Therefore, the two 18W lamps are used for both illuminating the hose connections located in front of the batteries, as well as for the running gear. Glare and weather protection is provided by a protective roof located below the handrail. The 6W LED lights, which are positioned to illuminate the walkways along the side of the boat, are integrated into the bulwark, enabling the deck to be illuminated without glare.