Heat Recovery Steam Boiler Addition to Heat and Power Units

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

The new heat recovery steam boiler HRSB from Bosch Industriekessel is an addition to energy concepts involving combined heat and power generation. It provides an efficient way of using accumulated flue gas heat by converting it into process steam.

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Efficient generation of process heat: The new, modular heat recovery boiler from Bosch.
Efficient generation of process heat: The new, modular heat recovery boiler from Bosch.
(Picture: Bosch / Ehemann Lutz (TT-FB/SLI-MKT))

The new type series, depending on the version, will generate between 400 and 4100 kilogrammes of steam per hour. The heat recovery boiler, which is certified in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive, consists of a tubular heat exchanger – whose efficiency it is possible to boost even further thanks to the option of integrating an economiser. In addition, the boiler is insulated with effective heat-insulating materials and features safety equipment.

Meanwhile, the tried-and-tested, PLC-based BCO boiler control makes operation exceptionally straightforward and convenient. The hot flows of flue gas from the upstream combustion processes are conducted via the tubular heat exchanger and used for steam generation purposes. This additional option for using heat means that combined heat and power units can generally be designed on a larger scale than thermal heat-driven plants. The result is that the plant operator is able to obtain more of its own electricity. The heat recovery boiler can be combined with combined heat and power units in the electrical power range from approximately 0.5 to 4 megawatts.

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