Vacuum Dryers and Vacuum Pumps A Trinity of Vacuum Drying: Three Ways to Dry Valuable Products

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Drying high-value products is no easy task: When handling hygroscopic or heat sensitive products, vacuum drying is often the method of choice. But not all vacuum processes are the same. Depending on the product characteristics or process parameters, different dryer setups and procedures can be used.

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(Source: Photo Massimo Forchino)

Time to call in the specialists: Established in 1939, Italvacuum is one of the best known manufacturers of vacuum dryers and pumps for the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The company from Turin, Italy, develops and manufactures a wide range of vacuum drying solutions in compliance with the main European regulations (CE, Atex, PED) as well as with the ever stricter FDA and cGMP norms. Their portfolio includes rotary vacuum dryers, tray and paddle dryers as well as vacuum piston pumps.

Rotary vacuum dryers like Italvacuum’s Criox are versatile solutions for the extraction of solvents from wet powders coming from filtering or centrifuge. The central body of the Criox System is made of a double cone chamber, characterized by smooth surfaces without edges. During the system rotation, this setup helps the total and continuous revolution of the mass to be dried and allows a homogenous and delicate mixing. The double cone shape of the rotary chamber would not be effective in itself if it did not contain inside two powerful electrical lump-breaker units, allowing for the increase of the product surface exposed to the evaporation and to enhance the mixing efficacy of the system.


Paddle Vacuum Dryers

Paddle vacuum dryers are suitable for the production of API, fine chemicals and intermediates. The peculiar configuration of the agitator, characterized by a diameter much smaller than the one of the drying chamber, and the double rotation not only allow the continuous revolution of the product but also limit the mechanical and thermal stress, preventing local overheating. This enables the operator to treat even more delicate and thermo sensitive products, Italvacuum’s specialists state. The Italians market paddle vacuum dryers under the brand name Planex. These systems consists of a fixed cylindrical chamber with an eccentric agitator inside with two independent movements, able to rotate on its own axis and tangentially to the cylindrical chamber.

Tray Vacuum Dryers

To prevent condensation, cabinet dryers use a series of shelves, which ensures heat homogeneity on all radiating plates. Heating is achieved by a liquid circulation circuit, so as to avoid any condensation phenomena. Italvacuum offers these devices with fixed and extractable plates. Both allow to process delicate and valuable products and both are designed to be equipped with the new CIP Multispray Washing System.

Vacuum Piston Pumps

To provide the necessary vacuum, pumps are needed: Their simple design, together with innovative technical solutions, such as the new Lubrizero system, that has set nearly to zero the non-reusable oil consumption, allowing also the use of synthetic FDA approved oils, make Italvacuum vacuum pumps particularly suitable for processes like drying, distillation, reaction and crystallization. Several models of air-cooled pumps are offered under the Saurus designation: three of the single stage type and three of the dual stage type. Special models with root compressor are also supplied on request.

Through the development of a specific know-how, Italvacuum is also able to supply adequate fittings for the above products, properly sized, providing its customers with turnkey solutions. That also includes the realization of customized systems that are built according to the specific requirements of the plant operator.