Process Simulation A New Quality in Process Simulation

Author / Editor: Katrin Brandt* / Anke Geipel-Kern

A new process simulation tool combines high degree of detailing with powerful simulation of highly complex plants and processes. The cooperation of Inosim (Germany) and Prosim (France) shows great promise for an innovative simulation software in process engineering. Recently, both companies introduced their first results.

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Two tools are coming together.
Two tools are coming together.
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For two years now, the German Inosim Software GmbH and the French Prosim SA have been joining forces in developing applications for process simulation. Inosim provides simulation software solutions for material flow analysis, process development, and strategical plant optimization.

Prosim is featuring software for sophisticated simulation of single production units and processes. The developing cooperation promises a comprehensive, at the same time detailed process analysis with relatively little effort for the applying engineers.

Simulation of Complex Production Processes

Inosims’s newest generation of process simulators provides a model library for the description of mass and energy balances of the applied process steps. That feature includes black box and shortcut models.

However, for the detailed simulation of process steps which are crucial for product amounts and energy consumption (i.e. reaction, distillation), even more detailed, rigorous calculation models might be helpful. Prosim SA is providing such models for the simulation of batchwise processed reactors and distillation columns. Integration both tools would connect a high degree of detailing with powerful simulation of highly complex plants and processes creating a new tool for process simulation.

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