Extrusion A Modular Solution for Degassing Applications

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The ERMO (Ent­gasungs Reaktions Modul), also known as the degassing reaction module, is a patented addition to the Entex Planetary Roller Extruder that enhances the efficiency and versatility of the equipment. Designed with an increased internal diameter of the toothed liner and planetary spindles with larger diameter, Ermo offers significantly larger process space and volume than a standard assembly, but at the same construction size.

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Harald Rust, ERMO patent holder, and Thomas Malzahn, Entex sales & marketing manager, at the stand.
Harald Rust, ERMO patent holder, and Thomas Malzahn, Entex sales & marketing manager, at the stand.
(Source: Jenkins/Chemical Engineering)

The Ermo was developed specifically for degassing applications, where generously dimensioned flow cross-sections are important. This equipment maximizes these aspects without changing the size of the extruder. Compared with six standard-sized planetary spindles, three Ermo spindles increase the internal volume by a factor of three, says Harald Rust, the holder of the Ermo patent.

The Ermo is a modular solution that can be installed at any point of the process section as a replacement for a standard roller cylinder to provide additional room for degassing. To use the Ermo, the standard planetary spindles are replaced by the larger Ermo planetary spindles and the intermediate rings connected upstream or downstream of the Ermo are replaced by suitably adapted intermediate rings, and the heat-protection jacket is replaced. The original central spindle can remain in the unit; no further modifications to the existing extruder are required, the company says.

Multiple Ermo units can be used in series, depending on the process needs, or at individual positions within the processing section of an extruder, says the company. Ermo can be used for degassing applications, even with highly viscous substances, as well as for reaction tasks and dosing applications. The Ermo also has several supplementary options, including side feeders and additional injection or degassing openings. Entex (Bochum, Germany) planetary roller extruders are used in a variety of industries, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films, tires, elastomers, powder coatings, adhesives, chocolate, chewing gum, bonding agents, industrial soap and others.

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