Track & Trace Line A Complete Solution for Serialization and Track & Trace

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

At FCE Pharma (May 12–14, Transamerica Expo Center, São Paulo, Stand D45), the Marchesini Group will exhibit one of its best Track & Trace lines composed of a carton labelling machine BL A420 and a semi-automatic casepacker PS 310 TT.

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The BL A420 is one of the Group’s “classics”.
The BL A420 is one of the Group’s “classics”.
(Picture: Marchesini)

The BL A420 is one of the Group’s “classics”: every single detail, from the ergonomic construction, the easy and fast changeover to the possibility to install all the main tracking devices available on the market as Laser or Ink-Jet printers plus relative cameras, contributes to make the BL A420 a complete solution for serialization, both as stand-alone machine and as part of a line.

The carton accumulation on the infeed conveyor allows a smooth feeding even at high speed. A toothed belt positive transport keeps cartons in a correct position during the code printing and prevents them from slipping, for a maximum precision of the label application. The carton transport is made by a patented device with mechanical design, permitting size change without adjustment.

The label dispensing units are fed by servo or stepping motor drive; their speed is automatically synchronized with the other motors drives, guaranteeing the optimization of the productive process.

Once transported under the labelling heads, cartons are labelled with a vignette on the upper panel and two self-adhesive, Tamper Evident seals on the closure points. On the upper panel and on the lateral flaps are printed the 2D (Data Matrix) codes necessary for the identification of each carton, and the same data in plain readable text. A camera then verifies both codes. The use of a “Fail-Safe” logic in the management of the machine permits the ejection of wrong cartons at the end of the process.

At FCE 2015, the BL A420 will be shown in line with the semi-automatic case packer PS 310 TT, a fully enclosed structure machine built to manage a wide range of product working sizes and to meet the requirements of safe working conditions and machine self-efficiency.

Thanks to a completely balcony-style and to a totally safe case feeding area free from any mechanical movement, this case packer ensures a certain independence of the machine and leaves the operator free to carry on with different jobs.

The line is equipped with a SEA Vision Server — a modular software application composed of different independent connector services to manage the serialization and the communications between the line level and the enterprise level of the company production site - and fully controlled through the SEA Vision Client: a single centralized, ergonomic and user-friendly interface providing several functions to execute easily the main operations for the packaging process such as batch start, recipe management and configuration, audit trails management data collection features.