Print Head 3D Printing of Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals

Editor: Ahlam Rais |

Craft Health makes use of ViscoTec’s print head vipro-Head in its 3D printers to develop additively manufactured nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. The print head is accurate as well as precise for manufacturing personalized tablets and also complies with FDA regulations.

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Outside view of the Craft Health 3D printer including the ViscoTec print head.
Outside view of the Craft Health 3D printer including the ViscoTec print head.
(Source: Viscotec)

Craft Health in Singapore, one of ViscoTec Asia’s customers, uses the vipro-Head 5 print head for 3D printing of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Craft Health is a healthcare research and development company committed to 3D-printed personalized healthcare. When they were looking for an accurate and precise print head for the manufacturing of personalized tablets, they came across ViscoTec. The solution they needed had to comply to any regulatory requirement for manufacturing of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

The ViscoTec print head vipro-Head convinced with its technology: With the endless-piston principle it is possible to achieve accurate and precise dosing of Craft Blends – a proprietary mixture of different GRAS excipients for 3D printing and various controlled release profiles.

Other advantages of ViscoTec are the stepper motor version in the print head, that allows easy integration to already existing gantry systems for 3D printing. Also, the wetted and non-wetted surfaces could be clearly separated and cleaned accordingly. To meet the requirements of the customer the wetted surfaces of the vipro-Head were customized and refabricated using SS316L material to comply with FDA regulations.