Japan: Digital Field Assistant Yokogawa Launches Operational Risk Management Solution

Editor: Alexander Stark

Yokogawa has developed the Oprex Operational Risk Management: Field Assistant R2.02. This Android application is intended for use during field inspections of industrial facilities, and will be released on June 11.

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User interface of Yokogawa's Field Assistant R2.02
User interface of Yokogawa's Field Assistant R2.02
(Source: Yokogawa)

Tokyo/Japan — At many industrial plants, field inspections are performed periodically by staff who patrol along defined routes, checking field instruments and equipment at specific points along the way, in order to keep the facilities and equipment safe and in good working order. While the common practice has been for the results of these inspections to be manually recorded on a printed checklist that is then submitted for review, many of our customers have expressed the wish to be able to directly enter the check results onto a mobile device such as a tablet. The Japanese company said that its customers have also indicated that it was a challenge to select and take with them on these patrols all the documents that they must be able to quickly reference, such as inspection histories and equipment manuals. Major markets for this product are industries such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, and fine chemicals where periodic field inspections by operators and maintenance staff are required


With Field Assistant R2.02 installed on a generic Android tablet, personnel have access in the field to checklists, manuals, and many other kind of documents. This is intended to increase the quality and efficiency of the work performed during routine patrols of manufacturing sites. In addition to being able to consult and fill out these documents as needed, they will have the ability to take pictures and record videos needed to report their inspection results.

Field Assistant R2.02 can run on tablets that support Google's Android mobile operating system. Versions running under other operating systems are also planned to be released. The main features of this new product include access to digital checklists and related documents and data linkage with Operations Management package.

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