China: Ethylene and Propylene Production Wison and Honeywell Cooperate on Methanol-to-Olefins Projects

Editor: Alexander Stark

Honeywell UOP signed a partnership agreement with China’s Wison Engineering to jointly provide methanol-to-olefin (MTO) technologies and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to customers outside of China.

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Woneywell’s first commercial-scale MTO plant opened in 2013, in partnership with Wison Clean Energy
Woneywell’s first commercial-scale MTO plant opened in 2013, in partnership with Wison Clean Energy
(Source: Honeywell)

Shanghai/China — MTO technology converts methanol from coal or natural gas into the olefins that form the basis for many types of plastic resins, films and fibers. Wison Engineering is developing opportunities for this technology, particularly in countries included in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, covering the historic trading route that stretches from China, through central Asia to Western Europe.

The agreement combines Honeywell UOP’s process technologies with Wison’s EPC service portfolio. “The Belt and Road initiative promises to raise the level of connectivity, cooperation and trade between dozens of nations that have traded with China for thousands of years,” said Rebecca Liebert, president and CEO of Honeywell UOP. “Honeywell is working with China’s leading enterprises to bring economic development to these countries through its broad clean energy and chemicals technologies.”

“We have a long history of cooperation with Honeywell and the close cooperation between Wison Engineering and Honeywell UOP on overseas offerings is an important milestone,” said Li Yansheng, Chief Engineer of Wison Engineering. “Together we can provide our customers with the best-in-class MTO technologies and project counsel.”

Since 2011, Honeywell UOP has announced nine licenses for MTO technology in China. Wison was the first manufacturer that licensed Honeywell UOP Advanced MTO technology, and it has been the EPC for seven of the UOP Advanced MTO units in China, and the licensor for the olefins recovery section of these MTO units.