Wastewater Management

Why Wastewater Management is the Need of the Hour

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Related Companies

In 2013, Schneider Electric also introduced Struxure Ware For Water —a new software suite to help water and wastewater utilities reach operational excellence and save up to 30 per cent energy by giving full visibility into energy, operation and process control across the entire water cycle.

Struxure Ware for Water is open, scalable and easy to incorporate into third-party and legacy systems. In real-time and from plant floor to top floor, it transforms massive amounts of data into meaningful information to all stakeholders, enabling the utility to make informed decisions and take decisive action.


A Big Leap for Water Management

The software seamlessly integrates all process control in the water or wastewater infrastructure —from electrical distribution and motor and pump control, to chemical and biological treatment, filer consoles, safety and energy monitoring. By combining real-time water network data, historical analyses and hydraulic modelling, Struxure Ware for Water helps reduce operation costs and service interruptions while maintaining consistent water pressure, flow and improving water quality.

This software suite is a big leap in how water is managed across wide geographic areas, since it allows water managers to garner data points about how energy is being used to move water and how this energy can be used more effectively.

Worldwide, plant managers have realized the benefits of energy management and optimization, which is an invaluable tool in significantly reducing energyrelated operating costs while ensuring sustainable, quality water supplies. Some equipment and processes, such as pumps and aeration tanks, are particularly energy hungry and afford opportunities for major savings.