Turkey: Sulfur Processing Tüpraş Chose Jacobs' Solutions for Three Refineries

Editor: Alexander Stark

Jacobs Engineering Group proprietary Euroclaus sulfur recovery technology was selected by Tüpraş for its new sulfur recovery units that will be installed in the company’s Izmit, Izmir and Kirikkale refineries in Turkey.

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Tüpraş Selects Jacobs Euroclaus Technology for Three Refineries
Tüpraş Selects Jacobs Euroclaus Technology for Three Refineries
(Source: Jacobs Engineering)

Dallas/USA — Jacobs’ sulfur recovery technology will expand Tüpraş’ crude slate by processing more sour crudes while reducing its environmental footprint, delivering industry leading SO2 emissions abatement.

Under the contract terms, the company will provide technology licensing, basic engineering and start-up services.

“This award builds on the successful delivery of similar plants in Tüpraş’ refineries and fortifies our reputation as a global leader of sulfur recovery technologies,” said Jacobs Mining & Minerals and Specialty Chemicals Senior Vice President and General Manager Andrew Berryman.