Interview: Single–Use Reactors

Top–Trend Single–Use Bioreactors: Hype or Gamechanger for Bioprocesses?

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What are the Sartorius’ major expansion plans for 2012?


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In 2012, we plan to inaugurate three new production facilities. The facility at Yauco, Puerto Rico will double the capacity of single-use bags and filters. The other facility in Goettingen, Germany is dedicated for membrane production and, furthermore, a new facility is being built in Guxhagen, Germany for the production and assembly of stainless steel bioreactors and bioreactor equipment. All three facilities will be inaugurated this year to extend our capacities and therefore service to our clients.

“Major Growth in North America and Asia”

In addition, we have two major growth initiatives – one in North America and the other in Asia – specifically in India and China. These initiatives are – to build up technical support and services resources as well as the supporting infrastructures to serve our clients better.


What are the strengths of Biohit, which will help Sartorius in offering more bundled packages to its customers?


Apart from Bioprocess Solutions, Sartorius also has Lab Products and Services division. Through this division, Sartorius offers its own lab equipment portfolio. Biohit is a very strong pipettes supplier and innovator, which complements Sartorius’ portfolio. Thanks to this acquisition, we will be able to offer more products and services for our lab customers.

“Expansion? The Situation is Mixed...”


Will Sartorius keep on expanding its business with such acquisitions in future, or will it develop technologies or products on its own too?


The situation is mixed when it comes to expansion. First and foremost, we believe in organic growth – so we want to grow the company by selling our own product portfolio. The moment we see the gap in our portfolio and we know we would not be able to fill that for some reason, we think of other options. In such cases, there are two possibilities either we partner with the company and form alliance, or we acquire the company.

Another way is we partner with a company with the options to acquire later on. Making these type of choices always depends on the criticality of the product portfolio we gained through a partner. If we see that our customers see it essential for Sartorius Stedim to have and maintain the product portfolio, we certainly look into the supply assurance and therefore look at ways to bring such products into the Sartorius Stedim group. Very classical examples were the acquisition of BBI fermentation products and Stedim’s single-use technologies.