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To the Last Drop: Clean Oil Production with High Pressure

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When implementing the GOSP system, plant designers frequently make use of the proven offshore hydrocyclone technology. This involves splitting the fluid containing oil and gas into various basic substances under the influence of high G forces.

The art mastered by the engineers is to design the hydrocyclone vessel including the piping, valves, pumps and measuring and control systems and to assemble and deliver them on a modular basis. This is expertise that Bilfinger has amassed in many years of experience in plant and pipe engineering for the oil industry.


For Water Rich Oil Fields

“As oil is a strategic commodity that will continue to play an important role for the global industry in the future, we have developed the GOSP system as a solution for water-rich oil fields,” explains Klaus Kriz, head of Industrial Plant and Pipe Engineering at Bilfinger Bohr- und Rohrtechnik.

“As a system provider, we are in this way able to provide the basis for developing bespoke production systems even for deposits with a low oil concentration in close consultation with our customers and partners. We then utilise the experience of an internationally active technology provider to implement the system in line with the customer requirements.”

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