PHARMACEUTICAL CATALYSIS These Activated Carbon Families Are Optimized to Support Precious-Metal Catalysts

Editor: Helmut Klemm

At these years exhibition, Cabot is featuring the Cabot Norit SX, Norit GSX, Norit RX and Norit CN activated carbon families optimized for the support of precious-metal catalysts.

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High-quality activated carbons from Cabot feature large specific surface areas.
High-quality activated carbons from Cabot feature large specific surface areas.
(Bild: Cabot)

Cabot Norit Activated Carbon is also showcasing its convenient activated carbon sample kits for precious-metal catalyst support and purification of lead pharmaceutical compounds. These will be available at no cost to qualified show attendees.

Catalysts are a key component in many chemical processes, including those relied on by the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. Cabot’s Norit activated carbon products play a key role as carriers for precious metals in catalyst applications, offering strict product specifications and an increase in the efficiency of the catalyst impregnation process, which together reduce process time.

The high crushing strength and hardness of these activated carbons ensure low abrasion, which in turn helps to avoid the creation of fines and reduces the loss of precious metals. When compared to other carriers like silica or alumina, Cabot says its activated carbons provide:

Greater internal surface area and lower cost per cubic meter; stable inertness in harsh process conditions such as acidic and alkaline solutions; minimizes interference with catalyst selectivity or activity; availability in powdered, granular and extruded shapes; easy recovery of precious metals and other non-ferrous metals from complex liquid streams.

The companys activated carbon products are designed to improve metal dispersion and offer large internal surface areas, high inertness and great versatility. This makes them ideal for today’s chemical processes that require the use of a catalyst supported on a carrier.

Cabot Norit Activated Carbon is the world’s oldest and one of the largest producers of activated carbon. The company serves customers in more than 100 countries.

Besides catalysis, the company’s activated carbon products are widely used to adsorb contaminants from liquids and gases. They come in three basic forms: powdered activated carbon (PAC); granular activated carbon (GAC), which has a larger particle size; and extruded activated carbon, which is targeted at gas-phase applications.

Cabot Norit Nederland, Hall 9.1, Stand D56