There Are Many Good Reasons to Get Going and Apply Fieldbus in Your Process Plant

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It’s Never the Cable — Proven in Practice

When all cables are installed, fieldbus delivers its biggest value: Automated testing reduces the pre-commissioning time before loop check commences. The following has proven in practice:

  • Set address and tag each field instrument in the lab or on the desk.
  • Mount device in its proper place.
  • Connect the wiring.
  • Ensure shield is properly installed and cut back.
  • Close the installation box.

Automated test procedures are run from the control room through physical layer diagnostics such as the FieldConnex Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM). These diagnostics produce complete and ready-to-go documentation of the fieldbus itself in minutes.


And most importantly, the wiring remains undisturbed. That means that the quality of wiring and communication is documented exactly ‘as built’.

The Practitioners Voice — Example 2

In a plant that would soon process chemicals with highly corrosive attributes, the head instrumentation engineer first utilized the traditional way of checking, which means that each instrument had to be connected, disconnected, re-connected. The FieldConnex Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM) initially served as the ‘double check’. Once the ADM identified an installation fault that had been overlooked, the engineer relied entirely on the test results of the ADM and now testifies that it “takes more time to walk the cables than to run the actual test and produce all documentation.”


Instrumentation is always on the critical path towards the end of an installation project. Your savings, the working hours saved through automated testing and loop check that commences on a solidly performing fieldbus infrastructure, are dwarfed by the impact on production schedule when a few weeks can be cut from commissioning adding to the company’s revenue.

There are so many good reasons to get going and apply fieldbus in your process plant faster. Why spend more time in the hazardous area than actually necessary?

* The author is Product Marketing Manager FieldConnex, Division Process Automation, Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, Mannheim/Germany.