Eurochlor 2017/Chlorine Production

The (R)Evolution of Chlorine: Ways into the Post-Mercury Era

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The concept of Restore to use the electrolysis cells as a flexible energy consumers by Demand Side Management for grid stabilisation, shows the way to a whole new level of evolution. Thanks to intelligent algorithms and fully networked production, the cell performance can adapt to the line voltage within a certain framework to absorb voltage peaks, buffer supply bottlenecks or simply contribute to the stabilisation of the power network with a stable basic consumption.

Together with the operator, Restore is developing concepts as to how the flexible use of energy can not only reduce the electricity bill, but also create additional monetisation opportunities through emissions trading and flexible energy prices - entirely in accordance with the Industry 4.0-concept, but adapted to the needs and specificities of chemistry. Evolution rather than revolution are about to usher in a new age for the chlorine chemistry.

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