The Netherlands: Para-Aramid Products Teijin Expands Capacity for Aramid Production in the Netherlands

Editor: Alexander Stark

Teijin Aramid is going to expand its aramid production capacity for its Twaron super fiber and will invest in new spinning technology at the facility in Emmen, the Netherlands. The start-up of the new facility is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.

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Teijin's new technology also results in further automation of the spinning process.
Teijin's new technology also results in further automation of the spinning process.
(Source: Teijin)

Arnhem/The Netherlands — According to the manufacturer, the demand for the high-performance para-aramid fiber Twaron is increasing and the new spinning technology would enable the organization to increase the production capacity and meet the market demand. The material is used in a wide range of high-performance applications, including ballistic protection, heat and chemical protection, and applications for the oil and gas industries.

Gert Frederiks, CEO & President of Teijin Aramid states: “This investment underscores our ambition to produce and deliver sustainable and cost efficient products to the market and reinforces our position as global market leader. It will enable us to meet the growing market demand and simultaneously implement the latest technology.”

As of April 1, 2017, Teijin has merged all its aramid activities into one global business unit. Since then, Teijin Aramid is responsible for all aramid and polyethylene products the company is producing, developing and selling. Therefore, the Teijin Aramid organization now has aramid production facilities in Thailand (Teijinconex neo), Japan (Teijinconex and Technora) and The Netherlands (Twaron and Endumax).

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