Chemical Industry India Sumitomo Merges Indian Subsidiaries

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Sumitomo Chemical announced that its three Indian subsidiaries, Sumitomo Chemical, SC Enviro Agro India (SCEAI), and New Chemi Industries (NCI) have been merged to establish a new company.

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(Picture: Sumitomo Chemical)
(Picture: Sumitomo Chemical)

Mumbai/India – Sumitomo Chemical India, the surviving company, has begun operation recently with its headquarters located in Mumbai. This reorganisation will enable Sumitomo Chemical to strengthen its business foundation in India and accelerate mobilising a host of its available business resources more efficiently.

Given the recent rapid growth of the Indian market, Sumitomo Chemical will endeavour to further improve its marketing capability not only in the mainstay businesses of crop protection chemicals and household insecticides, but also for all the products handled by Sumitomo Chemical India. Sumitomo Chemical expects that such continued efforts of business reinforcement and expansion will bring Sumitomo Chemical India’s sales to 10 billion Rupees (approximately 15 billion yen) within several years.

Sumitomo Chemical will work to enhance its earnings base going forward by optimizing its operational stronghold from a global perspective for each of development, sale, manufacturing and logistics pertaining to its Health & Crop Sciences and other related businesses.