Retrofit System Suction Nozzle for Plastic Containers

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A newly developed suction nozzle reduces the risk of tipping over and allows optimal emptying of residues. The guide tube thus significantly improves handling and at the same time protects the plastic granules from contamination.

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Ensures good handling of plastic granules - a newly developed suction nozzle.
Ensures good handling of plastic granules - a newly developed suction nozzle.
(Source: Siloanlagen Achberg)

Plastic containers are ubiquitous, especially in plastic injection molding plants, and it is hard to imagine life without them - although the disadvantages, such as electrostatic charging, the risk of tipping over or poor emptying, are well known. Siloanlagen Achberg has now developed an easy-to-retrofit suction nozzle to reduce the risk of tipping over and to enable optimal emptying. Retrofitting is extremely easy: an opening is cut into the rear wall of the plastic container using a template so that the suction nozzle can be inserted and screwed to the screw-on counter plate.

The retrofit system made of stainless steel consists of the suction nozzle, the screw-on counter plate and the required screws. The screw-on counter plate is provided with threaded rivets so that there are no nuts inside that could become loose and fall into the granulate. The suction nozzle is available for all common pipe system diameters and has a flap to prevent contamination if there is no suction lance in the guide pipe. Suitable suction lances can be supplied for this.