China: Polyester Value Chain Start-Up of Jiaxing Petrochemical's Second PTA Line

Editor: Alexander Stark

Invista Performance Technologies (IPT) and Jiaxing Petrochemical, a subsidiary of Tongkun Group, announced the successful start-up of Jiaxing Petrochemical’s second PTA line.

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A night view of Jiaxing Petrochemical‘s second PTA line.
A night view of Jiaxing Petrochemical‘s second PTA line.
(Source: Business Wire)

Shanghai/China — The new line is utilising Invista’s latest P8 technology. The first reaction train reached 100 % design rate in just 10 days from the first introduction of feedstock, the company claims.

P8 is the very latest PTA technology platform, which according to the developers represents industry-leading capital productivity, variable cost and environmental footprint.

Jiaxing Petrochemical and Invista already collaborated on the first PTA line which started operations in 2012. This PTA technology is available as a license package from Invista Performance Technologies.

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