Specification Database Specification Database for Plant Design Software

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Intergraph released a new version of its Standard Database for the company's SmartPlant Reference Data plant design solutions. The new database reduces the effort required to define items, descriptions and dimensions according to legal and technical requirements throughout various project phases.

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(picture: Intergraph)
(picture: Intergraph)

The new Standard database delivers a range of commodity codes used to uniquely describe materials through a project life cycle, while employing sophisticated and exhaustive rules to maintain material descriptions.

Unlike previous versions, the new database version includes Process Industry Practices (PIP) piping material specifications. PIP is a consortium of process industry owners and engineering construction contractors, which publishes and maintains recommended Practices for the process industry used by companies all over the world. The newest version of Standard Database will include 40 PIP specifications, with a further 25 to be available in the next release.

The new Standard Database comes in a bundle with SmartPlant Reference Data, an Intergraph product that includes base data and material libraries for change management processes. SmartPlant Reference Data maintains catalog and pipe specifications for Smart 3D, SmartPlant Materials and other SmartPlant Enterprise solutions. According to Intergraph, PIP specifications are available for design and material management, and applicable in a variety of industries.