Bio–Based Epichlorohydrin

Solvay Builds Bio–Based Epichlorohydrin Plant in China

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“Benefit From Steady Supply of Epichlorohydrin, Improve Environmental Footprint”

"We look forward to bringing the benefits of our bio-based Epicerol technology to China, the largest epichlorohydrin market in the world. This proprietary technology will contribute to realize the goals of the PRC 12th Five Year Plan to promote sustainability and renewable chemistry," commented Vincent De Cuyper, Group General Manager of Solvay's Chemical Sector. "Customers in China will benefit from the steady supply of sustainable and bio-based epichlorohydrin, contributing to improve their environmental footprint," he added.

Epichlorohydrin Market Grows By Eight Percent, Analysts Expect

The Chinese epichlorohydrin market is expected to grow on annual basis by 8% and represent 35% of total world demand in 2016. Epichlorohydrin is an essential feedstock for the production of epoxy resins, increasingly used in applications such as corrosion protection coatings as well in the electronics, automotive, aerospace industry or wind turbine industry.

Whether coal, gas or even biomass will replace petroleum as the chemical raw material of the future is not yet clear. However, one thing is certain. Alternatives will be needed in the long term despite that fact the even pessimists predict that oil will be available for the next forty years. More about the future bio–refinery–technology in:Seeking an Intelligent Mix: Where Will the Chemical Industry Get Its Raw Materials in the Future?