Valve Automation

Smart Actuation for a Smarter World

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Electric actuators with microcontroller controls not only provide the basic functions mandatory for the operation of a plant, but also monitor and verify various qualities of the actual state of the valve important for predictive maintenance of the plant.

Similarly, an addition of Fieldbus system’s functionality to these actuators provide a media to transmit all the information required for asset management purposes, thus boosting the potential of such actuators for diagnostic and maintenance purposes.


Looking for a Total Solution for Water handling

Auma India’s Epac actuators and Auma India Master Station (AIMS) provide a total solution for a higher degree of automation for enhanced plant efficiencies. The state-ofthe- art AIMS is a centralized system that deliver performance and reliability in plant asset management while keeping the cost of ownership and maintenance to the minimum.

The use of open standard Fieldbus protocols in AIMS offer advantages of interoperability with different field devices confirming to open protocol. The added advantages include information availability from a variety of sources, choice from multiple vendors and wide availability of integration services. This architecture when combined with complete redundancy (network, processor and power supply) makes it the preferred choice over other available systems.

Scheduling and Analysis of Water System Automation

With AIMS HMI touchscreen display one can not only view the status of the field devices, but can also perform multiple functions such as configuring and setting of field devices in a non-intrusive manner and event logging and storing in USB for analysis on a future date. This enables a prescheduling of all activities, which are especially necessary for long-term asset management.