DOC/TOC Monitoring Simplifying Organics Monitoring in Water Treatment Processes

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

Monitoring organic carbon through ultraviolet (UV) absorption is a technically simple and fast method compared to DOC/TOC (dissolved organic carbon/total organic carbon) online analysis or lab measurements. However, conventional UV absorption monitors make high demands on the cleanliness and long-term stability of the instrument’s optical path.

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Swan's product manager, Dr. Alexander Rodenberg, describing the benefits the AMI SAC254.
Swan's product manager, Dr. Alexander Rodenberg, describing the benefits the AMI SAC254.
(Source: Ondrey/Chemical Engineering)

Swan's AMI SAC254 makes use of a unique, patented operating principle that eliminates these issues of conventional instruments. A dynamic absorption measurement is composed of many measurements at different sample thicknesses in a variable cuvette.

The evaluation of the absorbance readings as a function of the sample thickness yields the spectral absorbtion coefficient at 254 nm (SAC254). This procedure guarantees accurate results at any time, as it is independent from any fouling and soiling of the optical components inside the flow-through photometer as well as independent from potential long-term drifts of the instrument itself. Additionally, the AMI SAC254 does not require regular manual zero-calibrations, because the measurement principle provides an intrinsic, stable zero.

The AMI SAC254 is suitable for applications from drinking water production to wastewater treatment. Changes of the organic load of the raw water, which require the adjustment of process steps or further measures to assure a constantly high water quality, can be detected in time. An optimized operation of UV disinfection units based on the current SAC254 saves energy. Advanced treatment processes consume large amounts of chemicals.

The precise knowledge of the water composition and especially the organic content allows these processes to be optimized, which makes it possible to save costs and protect the environment by reducing the use of treatment agents. The removal of micropollutants from wastewater with ozone or activated carbon is an emerging application for which the dosage of the treatment agents is controlled by the reduction of the SAC254. Tomorrow, product manager, Alexander Rodenberg, is giving a presentation on the SAC254 measurement at 11:30 in Room CMF — Harmonie 2.

Swan, Hall 11.0, Stand C44

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