High-Purity Nitrous Oxide Showa Denko Completes High-Purity Nitrous Oxide Base in South Korea

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Showa Denko, a leading Japanese chemical engineering firm, has increased its capacity for supplying high-purity nitrous oxide (N2O), a specialty gas for semiconductor production, by cooperating with Dooam Industrial (Dooam), of South Korea.

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New high-purity N2O production facility in South Korea
New high-purity N2O production facility in South Korea
(Picture: Showa Denko)

Tokyo/Japan – Dooam is headquartered in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province, and led by President Park Yup. Having jointly constructed a purification facility within the premises of Dooam’s plant near Seoul, the two companies will start full-scale operation of the new facility in March.

High-purity N2O is used for deposition of an insulating oxide film in the process of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) for producing semiconductors. For this application, demand for high-purity N2O in Asia is expected to grow at an annual rate of 10% or more. In recent years, demand is also growing for use as a source of oxygen for oxide film in the process of producing displays. SDK has therefore strengthened its high-purity N2O supply system to meet the growing demand.

With the addition of the newly completed 600t/y facility in South Korea to the existing 1,200t/y plant at Kawasaki, Japan, the Showa Denko Group’s high-purity N2O supply capacity has increased to 1,800t/y in total.

Under its medium-term consolidated business plan “PEGASUS Phase II”, SDK classifies its business in semiconductor-processing specialty gases, including high-purity ammonia, in the category of “Growth” business. SDK will aim to further expand the business on the world market, centering on Asia.

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