Ethylene Technology License Shaw Technology License for Texan Ethylene Production

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Phillip Chevron licensed Shaw ethylene processing technology for a new facility at Cedar Bayou, Texas. The new facility shall process feedstock derived from America's increased shale gas production.

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(Picture: Shaw)
(Picture: Shaw)

Baton Rouge, Louisianna/USA – Shaw will provide proprietary technology and a process design package for a 1.5 million tons/year Chevron Phillips ethylene plant at Cedar Bayou, Texas. The new plant shall be designed to use economical supplies of ethane feedstock derived from increased shale gas production, officials stated.

“This project represents a significant change in the ethylene marketplace as no US plants have been added in approximately ten years,” said James Glass, president of Shaw’s Energy & Chemicals Group. “The selection of Shaw’s technology for this project followed an evaluation of the top ethylene licensors in the world. Our robust Ultra Selective Conversion furnace and recovery system and 70 years of experience in designing and/or building more than 120 grassroots ethylene units were key factors.”

Shaw has already provided ethylene processing technology for two Phillips Chevron facilities in Saudi Arbia and Texas. The engineering company has also undertaken studies and performed revamps at other Phillip Chevron sites.