Cyclone Screener for APIs

Screening API Without Exposure: How to Ensure Containment in Screening and Maintenance

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Cleaning the machine

A washing system is used to clean the inside of the machine with water. Dust particles are flushed out; any remaining particles in the machine are wetted with water and thus bound inside the machine. After dismantling the screw, the built-in glove system can be used to clean the contaminated inner walls of the machine with appropriate cleaning instruments.


Thanks to the DA … Vario Containment cyclone screener, the familiar advantages of Azo’s patented screener with separate drives for the rotor and dosing sides are combined with film liner technology from flexible containment systems. The outlay for wearing full body protection can be reduced for plant operators. Dust is reliably prevented from escaping during maintenance and inspection work. This means containment for operation as well as maintenance.


* * The author is Head of Development at Azo, Osterburken/Germany.