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Process Equipment Goes Offshore: Helping Deepwater Oil Exploration

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“In this business in which hose assemblies can be thousands of feet long, there is no such thing as prototypes. So each hose must undergo rigorous testing to API-17 standards and tested way beyond its performance limits to ensure it will function on the job. We demonstrated how each Eaton subsea hose is subjected to pounding vibration, rough abrasion, high operating pressures, and more through vigorous around-the-clock testing,” Cortonesi stated.

Providing the Right Hose to Extract Oil from Difficult Conditions

Thanks to the high-quality hose and strict adherence to industry protocol that the company offered to the subsea tree manufacturers, the company was awarded with various such contracts. “Our customers are pleased with the performance of Synflex hose and that Eaton is helping them achieve their Brazilian content goals. In turn, their business is helping Eaton become a major player in the oil and gas market, particularly here in Brazil, which has the potential to become one of the largest oil producers in the world,” concluded Cortonesi.


* First published in PROCESS India, August 2014