India: Powder and Bulk Solids Expo Powering Ahead with Powtech India 2018

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Catering to diverse industries, the show exhibited unique solutions from India, China, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. In today’s market, industry players are positive about the development of the niche powder and bulk solids segment.

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Organised by Nuernberg Messe, the three day trade event was inaugurated by industry leaders.
Organised by Nuernberg Messe, the three day trade event was inaugurated by industry leaders.
(Source: Nuernberg Messe)

Powtech India, one of India’s leading technology exhibition for processing, analysis and handling of powder & bulk solids was recently held in Mumbai. Organised by Nuernberg Messe, the three day trade event witnessed the presence of some of the leading names from the industry such as Glatt India, Allgaier Process Technology, Netzsch Technologies, Forplex Industrie (Poittemill), Haver Ibau, Beijing Redc Pneumatic Conveying Technology Co., and many more.

Innovations at Powtech India

The exhibitors showcased diverse cutting-edge technologies from across the globe. For instance, Glatt India displayed cutting-edge fluidised bed and spouted bed technologies for food applications. These technologies have been specifically designed to spray-granulate, dry or encapsulate fluids, as well as to spray-agglomerate and functionalise powders for a broad range of innovative applications. The company’s new, compact continuous agglomeration technology significantly shortens construction, development and production cycles.


Netzsch Technologies India also exhibited the Condux 220 CP, a high speed impact mill that is used for dry grinding of various products. Capable of offering a Mohs hardness of 3 – 3.5, the mill also comes equipped with a range of grinding tools which allow the mill to be used universally depending on the application and area of operation. This of course also applies later on, when circumstances such as product characteristics or requirements have changed, the grinding tools can be changed as well.

Depending on the application and product, the mill is equipped with differing rotor and stator variations and can be operated as any of the following mill types: pin mill, blast mill, beater mill or attrition disc mill. One design variant with two housing doors can be used either as a single rotor or a counter-rotating pin mill.

In addition to this, Haver Ibau India which is an outcome of the collaboration between Haver & Boecker and Ibau Hamburg to supply high quality storing, handling, packing and dispatching solutions for loose products such as powders, granulates, or mixed product in the Indian market also presented its innovation. Called the ‘M-Series packing machine’, this solution allows manufacturers to fill different products and grades in valve bags and open mouth bags with the aid of a single filling system.

This filling system creates an over-pressure inside the bags. The over pressure and the usage of porous or perforated bag materials results in a filter effect which allows air to escape from the bags, whereas the solid particles remain in the bags. The design of the machine considers scalability, in order to provide the most productive and economical solutions for different requirements.

Indian Market Scenario

The current market scenario of the powder, bulks and solids industry in India is quite positive. Specialist in packing solutions for the cement industry, Norbert Wirth, Managing Director, Haver Ibau India opines, “The Indian market is developing and that is the reason we are producing semi-automatic machines in India.” He also explains that it is only a matter of time that India will switch to fully automated technologies and solutions.

“At present, Indian companies are reluctant to invest in these technologies as it is expensive but the mindset of people has to change as fully automatic technologies are an investment into the future.” He also highlights that currently Indian customers want clean and accurate technologies at the right price along with a good service.

Anton Benjamin, General Manager, Grinding & Dispersing Systems, Netzsch Technologies India also adds, “The requirements of the bulk material industry are becoming steadily higher. The specifications for minerals are also changing. Dedusted powders, steeper particle size distributions (PSD) or nano sizes are only some of the examples of the new requests.” He continues to state that the demand for Minerals & Mines (Ceramic, CaCo3, Feldspar, Quartz, Barite etc.,) has also increased due to the rapid growth of the industrial, consumable (spices) and construction sectors (Cement).

With so many interesting innovations and expert viewpoints, the Powtech exhibition proved to be profitable for industry players that deal with processing, analysis and handling of powder & bulk solids.

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