Polymers Pluss Polymers Introduces PCM Solution for Cold Chain Transport

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Pluss Polymers, a pioneer in Phase change material (PCM) technology in India, has extended its product range for last mile distribution in the cold chain transport industry, the biggest problem faced by the industry today. PLUSS has introduced tailor made PCMs for Eutectic plates installed in trucks.

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PCMs for Eutectic plates installed in trucks
PCMs for Eutectic plates installed in trucks
(Picture: Pluss Polymers)

New Delhi/India - The PCMs with their inherent property to store and release large amounts of thermal energy bring additional benefits for Eutectic plate market. The term eutectic plates refer to phase change material solution encapsulated in a metal/plastic plates. The PCMs are charged by freezing within the plates and releases a constant cooling capacity due to the latent melting heat from the Phase Change Material, which is previously frozen.

These PCM based plates provide an answer to the challenges faced by the cold chain industry. It addresses issues such as power outages, poor infrastructure, high fuel costs and the proverbial last mile connectivity issue. Samit Jain, Managing Director, Pluss Polymers said, “When compared with traditional reefer trucks these plates with Pluss PCMs offer up to 80 per cent savings in operating cost by virtue of thee limination of use of diesel to run the ACs. In addition, PCMs enable multi-temperature transport in the same truck, thereby enabling transportation of items requiring different temperature”

Vishnu Sashidharan, Manager-Business Developments further added that “Eutectic Plates’ performance depends on the materials filled inside which decide its cooling back up. Industry is currently dependent on imported plates and phase change materials which are fairly expensive. Pluss with its expertise and fully indigenous PCM technology is focused to offer a low cost product and application engineering support to eutectic plate manufacturers.”

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