Bio-based products Plant-Derived Material for High Refractive Index Lenses

Editor: Constanze Schmitz

Mitsui chemicals introduced a plant-derived material for the production of high-refractive index lenses. This is part of the company’s efforts to shift from fossil to biomass resources.

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Mitsui’s “Do Green” bio-based high refractive index lens material has been certified according to USDA.
Mitsui’s “Do Green” bio-based high refractive index lens material has been certified according to USDA.
(Source: Mitsui Chemicals Group)

Tokyo/Japan — Mitsui Chemicals has developed “Do Green”, a bio-based high refractive index lens material using plant-derived material. Mitsui Chemicals developed this lens monomer MR-160 (refractive index 1.60) using its aliphatic isocyanate-derived biomass, Stabio PDI.

Certification for the monomer as a biomass-derived product have been acquired in both Japan and the United States. The company also received the same certification for its ultra-high refractive index lens monomer MR-174 (refractive index 1.74).

Mitsui has focused since the early 90ies on efforts to shift away from fossil resources to biomass resources. The company has been promoting the use of oils like palm oil, sugar from sugarcane, and more recently expanding in the area of the so-called green chemicals derived from these raw materials. Reducing dependence on fossil resources, which are found only in a limited number of places in the world, and securing a stable supply of biomass resources are considered crucial for the future of the chemical industry.

The Mitsui Chemicals group will continue research and development of biosynthesis and plant culture technology, such as polymers derived from plants, as a solution provider committed to finding new sustainable processes and materials. The company will continue to develop plant-derived materials including not only ophthalmic lens materials but also applications such as coating materials and adhesives while pursuing realization of a cohesive society in harmony with the environment.

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