Plasticisers & Oxo Derivatives Oxo Derivatives Production in China

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Chemical company Oxea announced plans to build a production plant for plasticisers and oxo derivatives in Nanjing China.

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(Picture: Oxea)
(Picture: Oxea)

Oberhausen/Germany; Nanjing/PR China – Oxea announced plans to build a oxo derivatives plant in Nanjing/PR China. With construction beginning in 2012 a begin of production runs is expected for 2013, company officials said. The new plant shall help to cater the fast-growing demand for oxo derivatives in China and Asia. Oxo derivatives are key ingredients that are used in nearly all sectors of China’s economy, including automotive, construction, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and personal care products.

“By expanding our derivatives production to Asia, we are making the benefits of Oxea’s advanced production technology easily accessible to our customers there and enhance Oxea’s growth potential in this area”

“China is the main growth engine for the Asia-Pacific region, and at this strategic location our new plant will greatly support our local customers there. In a first step our Nanjing plant will produce Oxea’s specialty esters, phthalate-free plasticisers and other oxo derivatives. However, we have allowed space for future expansion and new investments,” said Miguel Mantas, Executive Board member for marketing and sales.

“The new plant will enable Oxea to better serve the steadily growing high demand for our products in China and Asia and at the same time further strengthen Oxea’s leading global market position,” Mantas continued. The Nanjing chemical park on the banks of the Yangtze river with its base of large chemical companies and existing infrastructure is an important chemical industry base in China.