Controlled Fluid Transfer

Optimizing Unit Operations in Bio–, Pharmaceutical and Continuous Process Manufacturing

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The pump’s method of operation also produces risk-free dry-running and self-priming capabilities with high turndown ratios. A pump technology with high turndown ratios allows for the creation of a broad flow range, which makes the pump applicable for utilization in a wide range of process applications.

With regards to specific unit operations, quaternary diaphragm pumps can be used to pack chromatography columns and then pump the biopharmaceutical material through the column, both of which are critical concerns that require low pulsation with accurate and constant flow rates and pressures.

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The First Choice: Quaternary Diaphragms

In today’s evolving manufacturing processes, quaternary diaphragm pumps are also rapidly becoming a first-choice technology in increasingly popular single-use production setups. Basically, a single-use pump enables biopharmaceutical manufacturers to eliminate the cost of cleaning and validating their pumps by using a pump with a replaceable pump head. The result is not only a quicker production process, but one that delivers preferred levels of product purity and sterility with no chance for cross-batch or cross-product contamination.

Of course, not every pump technology is completely perfect for every characteristic of a specific fluid-handling application. In this instance, the design and operation of the quaternary diaphragm pump limits it to handling fluids that have a maximum viscosity of 1,000 centipoise (cPs) and that contain particulates up to 0.1 millimeter in diameter.

Keeping the Future of Pharma Flowing

The importance of biopharmaceuticals means that any and all products must meet strict demands regarding their manufacture. This includes ensuring that no damage is done to component materials.

Compared to lobe and peristaltic pumps, a better choice can be the quaternary diaphragm pump, the operation of which greatly reduces the chance that pulsation and shear will compromise the safety and effectiveness of the end product.

* * Glenn Hiroyasu is the Americas Development Manager for Quattroflow Fluid Systems, Kamp-Lintfort/Germany. Sueli Roel Backes is Business Development Manager, EMEA Hygienic for Quattroflow and PSG.