Temperature Controller New Temperature Controller for Complex Applications

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

The increasing global demand for electrical heat tracing, heating mats and heated hoses for even more complex applications fuels the need for high-quality measuring and control systems in this sector. Reliable and precise temperature control especially plays a key role in the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry. To meet these requirements, Eltherm, a global leader in industrial heat tracing solutions, has developed the innovative electrical temperature controllers ELTC-14 and ELTC/H-14.

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Equipped with special sensors,the temperature controller ELTC/H-14 can be used even in hazardous areas.
Equipped with special sensors,the temperature controller ELTC/H-14 can be used even in hazardous areas.
(Bild: Eltherm)

Both controllers, produced in Germany, are designed for particularly demanding applications and high loads. Thanks to a splashproof housing with transparent cover the appliances are robust and are suitable for mounting in challenging environments (IP 65).

The controllers feature a digital LED display with reliable reading up to –25°C. Two different sensor types, Pt100/2-conductors or Pt100/3-conductors, can be applied with the controllers and the values are optionally displayed in degree C or degree F. After alignment of the actual and preset values, the appropriate output relays are switched, according to the configuration.


Temperature controller for hazardous areas

Depending on the application the controllers can be operated with a Pt 100 sensor with 2 or 3 conductor circuitry. While manual correction of actual values is possible with the 2 conductor version, the values are automatically set with the 3 conductor input. Both controllers, ELTC-14 and ELTC/H-14, are also suitable for operations with Eltherm’s sensors ELTF-PTEx for use in hazardous areas. In this particular case, the mounting of the controllers takes place outside the hazardous area.

Depending on the field of application, the signal contact can be operated either as potential-free alarm, status or release contact. Featuring a hybrid relay, the controller reliably switches up to 20 A resistive load. An operating voltage of 90 to 260 V AC allows temperature controllers ELTC-14 and ELTC/H-14 to be used all over the world.

There are two versions available, so the user can choose the one best suited to local needs: ELTC-14 with cable glands or ELTC/H-14 additionally featuring sockets to connect heated hoses or heating mats. Both models can be used to control the temperature of up to two heating cables with a temperature range from 0° to 390°C.