Metathesis Catalysts for Oleochemical Applications

New Metathesis Catalysts with High Temperature Stability and Selectivity

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License Agreements Are Superfluous

In addition to these specs, Evonik offers further added value with a clear, independent IP position that is also reflected in the business model. Evonik uses a simple proven business model to market the catalysts that makes license agreements superfluous and allows for transparency. The total kilogram price for the catalysts includes all license fees for the use of intellectual property; customers have no further obligations. This business model is also reflected in the product name, since the acronym RF stands for Royalty Free (fig. 2). This allows customers to make use of the new catalysts without any restrictions.

* The Author deals with synthesis, up-scaling and production of homogeneous catalysts at the Catalysts Business Line of Evonik Industries.